Life Skills

Experience design for an international NGO

This project illustrates my ability to leverage my design skills to teach people new concepts through immersive and gamified techniques.


I designed several modules of this online course for young entry-level hospitality employees around the world. I began the development of each module for this course with a review of lesson plans provided by the client. Given the global audience of young employees in the hospitality industry, my team decided to propose an immersive, gamified approach. Each module would be set in a fictional hotel, each in a different, exotic location. For instance, the modules I designed were set in an underwater hotel, desert oasis, and ultra high rise luxury hotel. 

To build on this immersive, gamified approach, I designed a custom branching scenario in which the learner's response to customer, team member, and supervisor questions determines the feedback they receive. I built a scoring meter to visually track learner progress and encourage the learner to improve or keep going.


A screencast demonstrating branching scenario interactions.


To retain learner engagement with the material, I built a custom interaction in which the learner helps avatar team members clean a window. I also created simulated conversations and a navigation structure in which the learner progress through material by visiting different rooms in the hotel, all aimed at creating an immersive, gamified experience.


A screencast demonstrating immersive interactions with avatar characters.


This project honed my ability to teach people new material by grabbing and retaining their attention through immersive and gamified techniques. These skills are invaluable to how I synthesize and present design research and strategy. Making learning about design research and strategy immersive and fun elevates the impact my work has by making it something that people want to engage with and, ultimately, incorporate into our company and product strategy.