About Me

Photo: Deveney Williams


I'm a design research and strategy leader with a multi-disciplinary background. I have eight years of experience researching and designing for diverse audiences, from investors in capital markets to mayors around the world. Through this experience I have developed expertise in collaborative ideation; exploratory, generative, and evaluative research; low and high fidelity prototyping; and leading iterative and innovative research and design processes.

Currently, I manage a team that focuses on prototyping, user research, and design thinking methodologies. I am passionate about elevating my team's impact by ensuring our insights are democratized, actionable, and memorable. For instance, by partnering with our data science team to cross-analyze and synthesize our qualitative data, I made our data accessible to anyone in the company though a dashboard of filterable data visualizations. I paired these data-driven artifacts with storytelling artifacts such as comic strips that summarize user needs data through memorable, visual narratives and links to video clips from real users. You can read more about these innovative user research artifacts here.

In addition to driving high quality strategic and user research outcomes, I lead how our team collaborates with other departments to create and align on our product vision. I am a skilled Human Centered Design facilitator that excels in engaging product managers, data scientists, researchers, and designers through design sprints, research synthesis workshops, and other co-creative activities. I am passionate about bringing diverse perspectives together to ensure we arrive at optimal solutions. 

Beyond driving collaboration with my partners in my department, I excel at building internal buy-in for our vision across the company by including account managers and client success managers in co-creation activities such as service blueprinting workshops as well as internal usability tests. The success of the buy-in I have built through these tactics is evident in how our insights and recommendations continue to guide long-term product strategy and roadmap decisions across different development groups.